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The Capel Classic Car & Bike Show

The Capel Classic Car & Bike Show takes place every year on the 3rd Saturday of August. From humble beginnings in the early 90's it has now become one of the most anticipated shows in the season of Classic Shows.

Auto Jumble

The Auto Jumble sale has its own attraction and is now inseparable from the show. We are trying to get in as many stalls as space permits. Want to have a stall or pitch? Please follow this link and register.

Annual Flower Show

The Summer Show is always on the 3rd Saturday in August, sited on Capel Recreation Ground, it runs alongside the Capel Classic Car Show. The Grand Marquee is surrounded by a traditional village fete with fabulous food and drink offerings, including delicious teas. As well as a Fun Dog Show there are hobby and handicraft displays and exhibitors selling home-made produce, crafts and plants. Please have a look at the Capel Show website.

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What our visitors say

What the show does well:: mix of cars good stalls on another note brooklands stall should of been up the top not by the auto jumble just my vue

Any other feedback: said in last question

Mr Q I, Car or Bike exhibitor

What the show does well:: Excellent mix of vehicles and bikes

Any other feedback: What makes the show special for me is the fact it’s not to commercial. It’s a nice friendly gathering of car lovers.

Mr W W, Car or Bike exhibitor

What the show does well:: everything

Any other feedback: just please please carry on the way you are now!!!!!!

Mr T L, Car or Bike exhibitor

What the show does well:: The car show is superb and the other stalls add a bit of variety.

Any other feedback: More food outlets would be good.

Mr E C, Capel Show visitor (Horti & Cars on Saturday)

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Latest news

2018 Show Special Focus: The year 1968

Great news: we have decided this time to give special focus to the year 1968. Cars and Bikes 50 years of age this year will be given pride of place […]

Auto Jumblers attention

This year, for the first time ever, we have enabled our website to register auto jumble stall holders on line. Registration is open now, so do feel free to sign […]

Brand New Website launched

The Capel Classic Car & Bike Show are proud to present our new website, virtually built from the ground up new. More modern features and technology. Better view-ability on mobile […]

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Some facts about the 2017 show

# Public cars parked
Money raised (£)

A message from the chairman

The Capel Classic Car Bike Show is a splendid opportunity for the village to meet and show ourselves at our best. It has been my privilege to chair the committee since 2016, having taken over from Andrew Forsyth who had honour for 10 years before that. As the show combines with the Horticultural Society Summer Show it has become the largest village fair in Surrey. This puts extra responsibilities on the organising committees to make sure everything keeps running as smoothly as possible. To find out how we did, we ran a short survey after the last show and the feedback was quite humbling: the average score of all respondents saying whether they would recommend the show to their friends was 9.4 on a scale of 1-10. I said humbling, but it is something we can be rightly proud of too! The 2018 show will be even better.
Dik Hoogmoed